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Routine cleanings are a key component in maintaining your overall whole-body health and wellness. Our teeth cleanings are quick and comfortable, and you can be assured of a brilliant and radiant smile as soon as you walk out of our office. Best of all, at Georgian Mall Family Dental we’re open late and open weekends, so you can enjoy a teeth cleaning without interrupting your busy work and life schedule.

By committing to regular exams and cleanings, you can help prevent serious and more costly restorative and cosmetic procedures down the road. We can also diagnose and address minor issues right away before they turn into bigger issues such as tooth decay, periodontal disease and oral cancer.

Dental cleanings and dental checkups

Dental cleanings and checkups can both be accommodated in a single visit. We can perform two types of dental cleaning procedures during a single appointment: routine cleanings and, if necessary, deep cleanings. Both types of cleanings are performed by our experienced dental hygienists.

A routine cleaning involves our hygienist using a small instrument called a scaler to remove tartar buildup below and above your gum lines. We also floss your teeth, clean them with a professional-grade ultrasonic scaling machine and administer a fluoride treatment if required. We may also take X-rays to see if there are any deeper issues that can’t be detected visually.

A deep cleaning is typically performed by your hygienist when you have larger pockets between your teeth and gums. Deep cleaning involves a scaling and root planing treatment that can address any plaque buildup, inflammation and infection. This procedure doesn’t just clean below the gum line but helps to shrink the pocket size. If necessary, we can administer a local anesthesia to prevent discomfort.

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If you have hard-to-reach areas in your mouth that you have trouble cleaning on your own, consult with us on your ideal Georgian Mall Family Dental cleaning and checkup schedule. We also recommend that if you are a smoker, suffer from gum disease, have experienced bone loss in your mouth, are prone to plaque buildup, have diabetes, have a history of oral cancer, or have undergone a major procedure recently such as a root canal, more frequent visits can ensure your overall dental health while nipping any issues in the bud.

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Georgian Mall Family Dental is one big, happy family and we would be delighted for you to join us in caring for your dental needs – no doctor referral required. We offer a warm and welcoming environment that will immediately help you feel at home, and our diversified team of specialists can take care of any and every dental procedure you may need.

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