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Do you experience anxiety around visiting a dentist?

You’re not alone. Many patients experience some degree of uneasiness when visiting the dentist. Unfortunately, if you give into this anxiety and avoid visiting your dentist regularly, it can lead to poor dental health which can result in even more invasive procedures in the future.

Fortunately, sedation dentistry allows us to provide a variety of dental treatments safely to patients who are undergoing a complex dental treatment, or who experience anxiety when visiting a dentist.

There are multiple benefits to receiving sedation including:

Having an entire treatment completed in a single session

Minimizing any discomfort from the procedure

Avoiding extended numbness in the mouth

Minimizing the gag reflex

Easing any anxieties related to your dental care

Our goal at Georgian Mall Family Dental is to ensure all our patients feel comfortable and at peace during their visit.
The sedation options we offer are safe and simple. Before offering you any type of sedation, we’ll carefully review your medical history and recommend your ideal sedation treatment.

Once your visit is complete, the sedation should begin to wear off quickly. However, for some types of sedation, you will need to bring a companion with you to take you home and stay with you until you are fully recovered.

Let’s make your visit to Georgian Mall Family Dental a comfortable and enjoyable experience.
Types of sedation

General Anesthesia

The sedation is administered through a facemask. You will gently fall asleep and be completely unaware while the procedure is being performed. We offer general anesthesia for all types of oral surgery, including even simple procedures if you suffer from anxiety over visiting the dentist. General anesthesia is typically used for more invasive procedures such as wisdom teeth removal and extensive dental implant work, however, we offer it for basic general dentistry on request.

Conscious Sedation Dentistry

Commonly referred to as laughing gas, the nitrous oxide is administered via a facemask. Nitrous oxide is the most frequently used sedation technique. It is absolutely safe even when used with children because the nitrous oxide leaves the patient’s body once the procedure is complete. Some patients fall asleep after receiving nitrous oxide and most patients claim to experience some degree of amnesia.

Oral Moderate Sedation

Also referred to as enteral conscious sedation or orally administered sedation. Your oral moderate sedation is administered with a pill. All body functions remain normal and you’re able to breathe on your own. Some patients fall asleep from orally administered sedation and amnesia is quite common. However, unlike general anesthesia and nitrous oxide, the level of sedation for each patient is not as predictable.

Bring a buddy

Patients receiving sleep or sedation dentistry are advised to bring someone with them to our office to take them home once the procedure is done. Depending on the amount and type of sedation administered, you might also be advised to have this person stay with you for the first hour or two after getting you home.

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