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By providing a delicate combination of artistry, science, and technology, we can rejuvenate smiles and rebuild them back to the way Mother Nature intended. Our in-clinic prosthodontist has been specially trained in the art of full-mouth reconstruction, providing customized treatment tailored to the needs of each patient. Our mission is to enhance our patient’s confidence and well-being, so that they no longer have to endure the pain and embarrassment of having a smile they consider unappealing. Patients who have visited us for a full-mouth restoration tell us they feel like they have a new lease on life, as they can now smile, chew and talk in comfort and ease.

We look at full-mouth reconstruction as a “lower third” rehabilitation process. The face is broken into thirds, with the lower third supported by our teeth. As the teeth wear down, we start losing support in the skin of our face. If you’ve ever seen someone who has dentures and has taken them out, you’ll notice creases around their mouth and exacerbation lines around the face. This is because the face has started to sink in due to the teeth no longer supporting that lower third of their face. Full-mouth reconstruction allows us to rebuild that lower third and recreate facial harmony by balancing those thirds.

Full-mouth reconstruction can involve a variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures, uniquely determined by the needs of each patient.
Why have full-mouth reconstruction?

Full-mouth reconstruction is a systematic approach to restoring all (or nearly all) of a patient’s teeth at the same time. There are a number of reasons you might want to consider full-mouth restoration treatment. ​

Examples are

Teeth that have been worn down over time

Missing teeth

A deep bite (when the top teeth bite too far down over the bottom teeth)

A desire for instant orthodontics (using porcelain veneers, bridges or other restorations that can instantly reshape and reposition the teeth

Decay in all or most of the teeth

Erosion of the enamel

Congenital disorders that cause missing teeth, missing enamel or poorly formed teeth

Traumatic injury to the mouth or teeth

Facial Rule of Thirds

We employ the facial rule of thirds to guide our full-mouth reconstruction planning process. A face that can be equally divided into thirds demonstrates ideal aesthetic harmony. When a significant amount of tooth loss or damage has occurred, the structure supporting the lower facial third is compromised, disrupting the aesthetic balance.

A full-mouth restoration is often completed over multiple phases and office visits. Our team will work together to restore your lower facial third and re-create greater facial harmony.

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