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Emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times. Especially tooth pain, which seems to happen when we least expect it. At Georgian Mall Family Dental, we’re here to help support you in situations that require urgent care.

We will do everything possible to help you or your loved one when a dental emergency occurs during standard operational hours. After-hour emergencies are treated on a case-by-case basis; if you are experiencing difficulty breathing or swallowing, rapid swelling or extreme pain we suggest you visit emergency right away.

An emergency consultation in our clinic usually involves the following three steps:


We assess your level of pain, ask how long you’ve been in pain and whether or not the pain is keeping you up at night.


We will take an x-ray of the area bothering you and one of our dentists will perform an exam to diagnose the source of your pain.


If a corrective procedure can’t be performed right away, we will schedule you for an appointment with one of our qualified dentists.

Our primary goal in every emergency situation is care for your overall health & well-being first.
What to do in a Dental Emergency

What to do in a Dental Emergency

If you are suffering from a dental emergency, you should seek help as soon as possible. The following is a list of common dental emergencies and instructions on what to do if you are unable to receive treatment immediately.

For more information regarding what to do in a dental emergency, please contact us.

Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out tooth is a frightful and painful experience. It’s a genuine dental emergency that requires immediate medical attention because the sooner you get it looked at by a professional dentist, the greater chance we can save the tooth. When a tooth has been knocked out, the first thing to do is locate the tooth, pick it up by the crown (not the root) and rinse it in milk (or clean water if you don’t have milk). Do not dry the tooth; keep it moist and make sure to touch it as little as possible. Once it’s clean, try gently putting it back in the socket (don’t force it). If it won’t easily go back it its socket, put it in a glass and keep it moist with some milk, or your own saliva is milk is unavailable. Next, see your dentist as quickly as possible. If you can see a dentist within one hour of the accident, you dramatically improve your chances of saving the tooth.

Broken or fractured teeth

A broken or fractured tooth or teeth should always receive urgent attention, especially if you are experiencing extreme sensitivity or if blood is oozing out of the middle of the tooth. Either of these symptoms is a sign that the tooth’s nerve has become exposed. To save the broken or fractured teeth, you may require root canal therapy. More minor chips and cracks that are only mildly sensitive or not sensitive at all are not considered emergencies, but you should still see a dental professional as soon as possible.


A toothache can be a sign of a bigger problem with your teeth. While not typically a true emergency, we highly recommend you schedule an appointment for evaluation as soon as possible. Once you begin to experience a toothache, the situation can rapidly deteriorate and result in even greater pain and possibly a more costly treatment.

Dislodged Crown

Call your dentist and seek immediate treatment. Put the dislodged crown in a small plastic bag and take it with you to your emergency appointment. If you are in pain, stop at the pharmacy and pick up a little clove oil (available in the dental aisle under many brand names). Dab a little of the oil on the tooth for relief.

Loose or Lost Fillings

Place a small wad of sugar-free gum in the open cavity and go directly to your dentist. Make sure the gum is sugar-free; any other kind will cause pain.

Tooth pain can mean many different things. It does not always mean that Endodontic treatment (a root canal) or extraction is necessary. Although teeth that need this treatment can cause tremendous discomfort. We will schedule you an appointment to see one of our Dentists and assess what we can do to control the discomfort prior to your visit.

However, if you need a filling, crown or bridge we can typically start treatment the same day! If due to infection or other unforseen circumstances we cannot complete the services in the same day, we will appoint you for another day that fits your busy schedule. At this time your dentist will assess what is necessary to curb your discomfort until we are able to complete treatment.

Chipped Tooth? Lost filling?

Sometimes, patients can experience a dental emergency without feeling any pain such as the following scenarios:

Chipped a tooth

Lost filling

Lost crown

Cluster of mouth sores

Even in one of these events, you should still see a dentist as soon as possible. An incident like one of these might seem very minor but escalate quickly. We never want our patients to be in pain, especially if it can be managed with a preventative treatment. Occasionally, we can re-cement a crown as long as the crown still fits and the tooth structure underneath is healthy. This can even sometimes be done without numbing or drilling.

Whether you are a Georgian Mall Family Dental patient or not, you strongly encourage you to call our office and we will look after your dental emergency as soon as possible.

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