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Dentures are a removable or fixed apparatus that is used in place of missing teeth to provide a full and confident smile. There are a number of reasons a patient may need dentures. Perhaps they’ve lost a tooth due to decay, infection or gum disease. A person could also have lost a tooth due to a physical accident. Whatever the reason, it’s important to replace the tooth to prevent the facial muscles from sagging and the jaw bone to deteriorate. Poor oral health and tooth alignment can also occur if even one tooth is missing. Dentures are a quick and economical way to restore your smile back to normal.

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Full-mouth dentures

Complete dentures are used when replacing all of the upper and/or lower teeth. A complete denture consists of a thin, gum-coloured base that rests on the gum tissue. On top of this base, porcelain or acrylic replacement teeth are built into the base to give the appearance of natural teeth. We appreciate that every smile is unique, which is why we’ll work with you to design dentures that look natural and perfectly complement your appearance. Getting full-mouth dentures can also give you that gleaming-white, beautiful smile you’ve been dreaming about.

Partial dentures

Whether you’ve lost a single tooth or a few, chewing food can become more difficult. Many people are also embarrassed by their missing teeth and frequently cover their smile. A partial denture can bring that confidence back and help you enjoy food the way you used to. A partial denture also keeps your natural teeth from shifting, which reduces the risk of losing teeth or requiring additional cosmetic work in the future.

Partial dentures typically involve a thin metal framework with small metal hooks or clasps that wrap around the gum line of the existing teeth for support. This approach creates a smooth and natural feel inside the patient’s mouth, while providing a secure appliance that is easy to put in and remove. Where the teeth are missing, the partial denture provides a natural-looking tooth that fits in seamlessly with the existing teeth, while the gum-coloured acrylic covers all the metal framework.

Implant-supported dentures

Another option is to receive implant-supported dentures. In this instance, posts are surgically implanted into the jaw and the dentures are affixed onto the post. This provides a more permanent solution that fits even better than traditional dentures while reducing the bulkiness of the appliance. While wearing dentures does take some getting used to, our goal is to support you in minimizing any daily frustrations and keep you as comfortable as possible.

Whatever dentures you choose, we look forward to discussing your options and giving you back that confident, natural smile.

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