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What Is a Comprehensive Examination?

A comprehensive examination is an in-depth evaluation and assessment that aims to establish and document a patient’s oral health status, whether they are a new or existing patient. This examination goes beyond the basics of a standard dental checkup, as it includes extensive evaluations and examinations designed to screen for both general and oral health issues.

Our dental practice typically performs a comprehensive examination when a patient is establishing care with our dentist, has not seen the dentist for over two years, has undergone significant health changes since their last dental appointment, or during a patient’s wellness appointment, which is typically scheduled every three to five years. This comprehensive examination is an essential tool for creating a baseline of oral health and identifying any potential issues that may require treatment or ongoing monitoring.

How Does a Comprehensive Examination Differ from a Standard Dental Checkup?

A standard checkup involves a visual examination of the teeth and gums, as well as a review of any X-rays taken during a previous dental cleaning visit. This type of appointment is typically scheduled as a follow-up to a comprehensive examination. During a standard checkup, our dentist carefully examines the patient’s mouth for any changes that may have occurred since their last comprehensive exam.

On the other hand, a comprehensive examination begins with a detailed discussion with the patient about the reason for their appointment, such as cosmetic concerns, toothache, or any other dental-related issues. Our dentists also collect and review the patient’s medical history, including any hospitalizations, health problems, medications, or allergies. Additionally, they will review the patient’s dental history and comfort level, taking note of any fears, anxieties, or previous bad experiences to ensure that future treatments are scheduled in a comfortable and relaxed setting.

Our dentists then perform a thorough examination of the patient’s oral cavity and head and neck, assessing both hard and soft tissues for any signs of abnormalities, pain, visible changes in color, new growths, or other potential disease markers like oral cancer.

A comprehensive dental examination also includes a full series of dental X-rays and photographs to provide a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition, diagnose any developing cavities, infections, or abnormalities.

Next, one of our dentists will chart all of the existing dental restorations and complete a periodontal, TMJ, bruxism, orthodontic, and a complete tooth-by-tooth exam, evaluating the current quality and condition of the patient’s teeth. The findings are then reviewed with the patient, and any questions or concerns are addressed.

Finally, the collected information is reviewed by the doctor, and a treatment plan is created and phased into a treatment sequence that optimizes the patient’s oral and overall health while also aligning with their comfort level and budget.

At our dental practice, we believe in providing our patients with the most comprehensive care possible. Contact us at Georgian Mall Dental Group to schedule your comprehensive dental examination today.

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