Dental Problems
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Dental problems

At Georgian Mall Family Dental, every member of our team works passionately toward the common goal of providing a wonderful dental experience. We work hard every day to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care and enjoy happy, healthy smiles.

The biggest factor in proper oral care is in your hands – those day-to-day tasks we all know we need to do to keep our teeth and gums healthy. Make sure you follow these simple steps to prevent larger dental problems:


Bush your teeth twice a day – in the morning when you first wake up and last thing at night before you go to sleep. We also suggest that, when possible, rinse your mouth with water after every meal.


Floss once a day, ideally towards the end of the day, to remove any food particles and bacteria that have accumulated between your teeth.


Eat healthy, balanced meals and avoid sticky, sugary snacks.


Do not eat meals late at night. If you do, make sure to find time to brush your teeth before going to bed.


Do not smoke or chew tobacco. Not only does tobacco stain your teeth, it can also weaken your mouth’s structure and can lead to developing cancer.

Dental problems
Tooth pain

A toothache usually refers to the pain experienced around the teeth or jaws due to a dental condition. In most instances, a toothache is caused by tooth problems such as a cavity, cracked tooth or gum disease. However, issues with the jaw joint can also result in pain that feels like a toothache. The severity of a toothache can range from mild to excruciating. This pain may be aggravated through chewing, or by exposure to cold or heat. A thorough exam can help determine the source of the toothache and allow us to suggest the appropriate treatment.

Broken or chipped tooth

Teeth are remarkably strong, but they can chip or break. A broken or chipped tooth can be the result of biting down on something hard, a traumatic event, teeth grinding (bruxism) or cavities that have not been treated early enough, resulting in a weakened tooth. A chipped tooth doesn’t always hurt but your tongue can be sensitive to the sharp area. If a large piece breaks off, you might feel pain because the nerve inside the tooth has been damaged. If you chip or break a tooth, we should examine you right away to correct the problem before it becomes an even bigger issue.

Dark teeth

Dark teeth can be the result of anything from food and drink stains to the use of tobacco products or from taking tetracycline antibiotics. If you are looking to brighten up your smile, we offer a variety of whitening procedures. One of our more popular options is a Spa Dent whitening treatment. This procedure consists of having two in-office whitening treatments. If teeth whitening doesn’t work for you, another option is to have us make porcelain veneers. These veneers will allow us to craft you a super-white and brilliant smile.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth develop in most young adults. A challenge with wisdom teeth is that they can be difficult to clean. Another issue is when there’s not enough room for them in the patient’s mouth, making them more susceptible to tooth decay, infection and gum disease. If your wisdom teeth are impacting your healthy hygiene routine or are causing you pain, we can remove them while you’re under conscious sedation. Before removing your wisdom teeth, we’ll need to x-ray the area to ensure they’re not too close to the mandibular nerve or sinus cavity.

Missing teeth (implants)

A missing tooth can cause embarrassment and force you to hide your smile. One of our recommended solutions is to get a dental implant. An implant consists of a titanium screw that functions as the root of a tooth. This artificial root serves the dual purpose of not only mimicking the function of a tooth but helps maintain the strength and size of the mouth’s bone structure. Implants function like teeth, and should be flossed and brushed just like your natural teeth. If proper care and hygiene measures are taken, your implant should last a lifetime.

Missing teeth (dentures)

Don’t let your missing teeth force your smile into seclusion. Dentures can restore your beautiful, youthful smile. Our cosmetic denture patients are fully involved in the denture-creation process, from providing a photo of past smiles for inspiration, to selecting the desired gum shade. Our options include full and partial dentures. We also offer over-dentures, which are dentures that are placed over implants and abutments. We will consult with you on the ideal style of denture that will help you rediscover that missing smile.


Signs of a dental infection can include bleeding gums that are puffy or red, a foul odour in the mouth, or tenderness and pain. When a tooth gets infected, it’s usually a result of bacterial contamination of the root pulp. If the infected tooth pulp enters the bloodstream, it can spread throughout the entire body. This spread of the infection has been linked to heart attack, stroke, diabetes and a number of other serious conditions. Visit us upon the first sight of an infection so we can act proactively and treat the problem.

Dental anxiety

We want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable and at ease when you visit our clinic. If you suffer from dental anxiety, we can help alleviate any fears you may have about visiting the dentist. We’ll begin by thoroughly explaining your treatment to you so you fully understand the procedure we’re about to perform. We also use calm music and have televisions in each treatment room to help patients relax. Safe sedation dentistry options can also be used to help patients relax if required.

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is actually the second-most popular disorder after the common cold. It usually occurs in children and young adults but can affect anyone. Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria normally present in the mouth changes food into acids and forms plaque. The acids in the plaque begin to weaken and dissolve the enamel and eat holes in the teeth. Left untreated, tooth decay can result in root canals and even the loss of the tooth. Make sure to visit us regularly so we can screen for tooth decay and resolve the issue.

Unattractive smile

An attractive smile boosts your confidence and enhances your self-esteem. We have a variety of options for improving an unattractive smile. Your dentist can sit down with you during your consultation to develop a custom treatment plan that will address your cosmetic goals. Our options include smile design using porcelain veneers, Invisalign®, Express Smiles, teeth whitening and cosmetic bonding. During your one-on-one consultation, we will explain all the options available and what is involved in each treatment method.

Gum disease

Approximately 75% percent of the Canadian population has some form of gum disease. It’s actually the most common reason that adults lose teeth. So how do you know if you have gum disease? A simple test is to vigorously floss between all your teeth. If there’s any blood on the floss, this means you have gingivitis. Healthy gums do not bleed from cleaning and flossing. Left untreated, gum disease can put you at risk for developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and more. As advocates for your whole-body health, we screen for gum disease on every visit, treat the issue and educate you on your options to get back to health.

Root canal

If your tooth’s pulp has become decayed, you need a root canal. While a root canal is often perceived as a dreaded procedure, it’s the far better option that the alternative – an extraction. The extent of the procedure will depend on the amount of damage to the infected pulp. During treatment, we assess the area, remove the dead pulp and re-seal the area. Once we’ve completed the root canal procedure, you should consider having a porcelain crown put over the tooth to prevent tooth breakage.

Uneven bite

Have you ever felt like your bite is a little off-centre? Maybe you have no pain or trouble chewing, but your teeth could be wearing unevenly and at an accelerated rate. This is what we call a malocclusion. Though malocclusion does not hinder functions of the mouth, it can lead to uneven wear on the teeth – ultimately reducing the size, shape and strength of those teeth that help contribute to the shape of your face. If we diagnose an uneven bite, we will consult with you on all your corrective options.

Soft teeth

The term “soft teeth” is simply a way of describing teeth that are susceptible to cavities. Soft teeth are caused by an inconsistent hygiene routine, a lack of fluoridated water, or eating and drinking too much sugar. When teeth are not properly cleaned, the bacteria trapped in your mouth can break down enamel and cause cavities. Regular exposure to sugar further increases the rate of enamel breakdown by feeding the harmful bacteria. Fluoride helps prevent cavities by re-mineralizing and strengthening the enamel. If you’re concerned about having soft teeth, consult with us on the ways you can correct the problem.

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